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Photoshop Actions Tutorial

Hello Everyone.

BEFORE: The raw photo from SL; AFTER: The photo created using only the Photoshop actions described below

Recently while I was working on Photoshop and discovered some Photoshop actions that I hadn’t used before. So I quickly started trying all of those that I had already downloaded. Now, many of you may already know about Photoshop actions, and how to apply them, but I decided to do a quick tutorial about them , and hope that you can use them.

If you spend a lot of time with photo editing you can certainly benefit from the time saved by having a good library of Photoshop actions. There are so many different types of actions that you can use from vintage effects, black and white, HDR and many more. BUT keep in note: Not all of the actions look good on any picture. There are some that will look nice, and some that won’t, you would just have to experiment with them a bit.  They’re also very useful for those who just want to add simple effects to pictures but don’t know how to do it themselves.

First of all, photoshop actions are very useful especially if you do not want to go through all the time and effort with changing lightning and contrast, color of the photo, creating an effect etc. The photoshop actions are an easy way to give life to your photo, and there are many different ones that you can check out and download using this link. 

As you can see there is a wide range of actions over there, and if you google “Free photoshop actions” you can definitely find a lot lot more of these. I have used the SpoonGraphics photoshop actions with retro effect. 

If you intend to use the Photoshop actions on your photos, you might want to use some more simple windlight effects, as StrawberrySingh’s windlight, or Annan Adored Realistic Ambient windlight setting, and maybe some of the Day Cycle based settings. The reason for this is because with a simpler photo, you can do much more with the actions, rather with colorful and sharper windlight settings. This goes mostly for the Photoshop actions that I have used in this blog. Of course, you can try it with other windlight settings as well.


  • Open Actions

When you download the actions that you want to use, go to : Windows / Actions

The actions bar will pop out , or just press Alt+F9


Then, you go into the right corner of the window as illustrated here, and just click there and Load Actions. You can also just drag the actions to the Actions bar. 


As soon as your actions are loaded, click on the arrow next to the actions folder, and it will give you a drop down menu with your actions that you would like to use. Click on any action. In my case, I am using the action Molle, because I wanted to give my photo a bit of nostalgic and rainy mood. 

  • Play your action

Once you have chosen your action, mark it, and click the play button that I have marked here with pink. Be sure to make a new layer from the background, in case you mess it up and you can’t go back. The action will load and you will get the action in a group of layers , and you can open it and check out the layers that got to this effect, or just change the opacity that is now 100% . I don’t want the effect to be so strong, so I just changed the opacity and got the result that I had desired.


As you can see I have changed the opacity to 52%, and it gave me the look I wanted.

It is so simple to use the Photoshop Actions and it’s time saving. tutorial5

Remember, a lot of different actions, can offer a lot of different styles. If you decide to try this Photoshop feature, please leave your link in the comments of this post so I can see them, and if you have any concern, you can contact me and I will try to respond as fast as possible.

To get this action you just need to register on the page for free, and just load it in your actions. As ilustrated before.

This Action is great Because it sharpens the photo gives it a High Definition look, and if you don’t like the too much sharpened edges especially on the skin, you can use a soft black brush on there, while you are on the mask layer from the action.


While the action is loading you will get this message here, that basically gives you the information of what to do if you do not like the effect everywhere.


Just click continue, and your HD Mask will be applied. Zoom around the photo to see if it’s sharpened too much in the edges, grab the brush tool while you are still on the High Definition layer and just go around the edges you don’t like as sharp.


Sites for downloading free Actions:

If you find some more useful ones, or you want to show me your photos including the actions, please leave your link as a comment below.

Details on Outfit and Furniture:

Blazer and Skirt:  Kitja Cherie  Melly Blazer and Melly Skirt (VINOUS)

Heels: Pure Poison -Olivia’s Golden Choice Pumps [BOXED]

Hair: Lamb. –  Sacred – Ginger Pack

Chair: Spargel and Shine Homes – Bergere Armchair Pink Rose

Tea Trolley: {AF} Tiffany Drink Trolley

Tea boxes: {AF} – Tea Time Tins

Tea cups: {AF} – Gacha: Teacup Pearls RARE and Teacup Teal

Vase: {AF} Rose Bouquet

Carpet: -Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Moose Rug Mid – Rug Factory

Ana’s Yearbook Photo

I finally did the Strawberry Singh yearbook challenge, which I think is so nice and creative, and in her flickr group we have now our own SL yearbook:) I chose something that I have also chosen for my yearbook high school photo, and also tried to make my avi smile a bit more naturally. I changed my shape specifically for this smile, and you can see it also on my previous post, and saved it for my next photos where I intend to make my avi smile. I am not sure if these specifications about my face will help to anyone else,because there are different shapes, but it is worth the try. I figured it looks natural, and the photo does not have photoshop around the lips or the eyes, I have just photoshopped the edges around the nose. Loved working on this challenge, and you can check out the group for the SL Yearbook challenge and see all of the great photos that everyone has shared there.

P.S : Big thanks to my brother Tracei for this awesome jewelry set that he got me as a Christmas present. LOVE IT!!


First I got the Anypose Expression hud from marketplace, that you can also get for free, and than I marked the expression: Toothsmile. After that I just worked around the shape. When you smile is normal that your cheeks go up a bit so I lifted the cheeks too and that really helped for the more realistic smile.

These are the specifications from my shape, and I have written here only the specifications that I have changed for this smile. Don’t forget to save this shape as separate so that you don’t mess it up afterwards, there can be a lot of work there.

Eye Size: 45

Eye opening: 80

Outer Corner Up : 53

Inner Eye Corner: 0

Upper Eyelid Fold: 30

Lip Ratio: 53

Upper Cheeks: 50

Cheek Bones: 70

  • Details about outfit:

Blazer: KITJA – Melly Blazer VINOUS @ Kustom9

Hair: Lamb! – Sacred – Gingers

Freckles: DeeTaleZ – Freckles “Chocolate Splits” @ Chapter Four

Lipstick: ** [PUMEC – BamboO] – Diana Lips FAT PACK ** RARE

Necklace and hair stick: [MANDALA] – SHIPPOAH Jewelry set -White(wear ME to unpack!)