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Tips on Elegant Style

Hello Everyone.

I have worked on this post for some time, because Style Tips take me a long time to find stores with the best outfits for the style that I am talking about in a post. And I decided to do these style tips and I hope I can start doing them Mondays, so that we can start off the week ♥

I have found different stores with the best elegant outfits, but first, lets start off with some things I wanted to say.

In order to look elegant in SL and even RL, you don’t always necessarily need to wear long dresses that have to be black or red or white.. in fact, a lot of colorful dresses with warm tones can make you look even fresher.Elegant can be expressed in many different kinds of wardrobe, and for this reason I made 3 outfits so that you can find your style.

If you need to attend something and dress formal, you don’t have to necessarily wear the same old colors : black, red, white etc etc. Colors make a lot of difference and especially the pastel colors this year. Pantone has released the colors of spring 2015 and they are fab! Yay for the soft tones! Now imagine those beautiful elegant dresses in Aquamarine or Masala… Gorgeous!


Details for this photo: 

LEFT PHOTO                                                                 

Dress: .: ryvolter :. Alaia Silk Draped Gown

Heels: Pure Poison -Olivia’s Golden Choice Pumps

Hair: Lamb. Sacred – Ginger Pack


Ring in all of the photos:[MANDALA] – Anuttra RingSET/earth metal


Jacket over shoulders:  Emery – Lennox Over Shoulders Blazer Eden @ Collabor88        

Dress:  ISON – leather trim dress (taupe)

Heels: JD – Angel Nude @ uber

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Holly Mesh Hair – Reds Pack


Suit: [LeLutka]-Aviva Suit-Plantation

Heels: ::LC:: Mila Pump – [Nude]

Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 59 / MAUVE

When it comes to accessorize your elegant look, try to pick something simple, or if you want to give an edge to your elegant look, just pick some jewelry that stands out, something edgy or an unordinary clutch or a bag. That will make you look elegant and fashionable.

Of course, it all depends on the style that you prefer. Some prefer simply elegant and want to look as tender as possible. In that case, you can just put some minimal jewelry on you with a simple elegant quality made dress, and you are good to go!

What to visit this week to make your own elegant and classy outfit:

OVH – Awesome short dress for this round- (See Photo)

1992 – Top, Skirt and THE BEST HEELS EVER – (See Photo)

  •  UBER: The best designer outfits in every round.

-Seul’s Suit – (See Photo)

-Seul’s Dress and Jacket – (See Photo)

-Truth’s Hair – (See Photo)

-Junbug – (See Photo)

  •  Junbug: You will always find something elegant if you are searching it. Also vintage!

– Junbug’s Web Page (check it for updates)

-Junbug’s Mainstore (go shopping!)

  • Ryvolter: Elegant and Edgy styles. You can find  A LOT here

-Ryvolter on Flickr;


  • Ison: – a synonym for elegance and true quality in SL. Check out the Mainstore, and you might want to check their outfit @ …

-Ison on Flickr

-Ison Page

-Ison Mainstore

  • David Heather by Gianni Broda– Always elegant and stylish, presenting always the biggest trends and quality clothing to the grid.

– Cashmere&Keane Sales (the former brand of Gianni Broda ) – all of the items are now sold for 75L

-David Heather Mainstore

-David Heather on Flickr

  • Maxi Gossamerbeautiful and elegant jewelry, and you can find some chic pieces there too!

-MG page

-MG Mainstore

  • Lagyo: Always, always good choice, for those that enjoy the edgy jewelry and haute couture, this is the place to visit.

-LaGyo Mainstore

-LaGyo Flickr

  • Ariskea: Another beautiful store that includes also vintage jewelry.

-Ariskea Mainstore

-Ariskea Flickr

Lastly, I made my color picks for this season coming, just for fun 🙂 They include some radiant and also warm tones.


Winter Casual Style

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on this page with style tips, and hope you like it. I decided to do this project because I really love styling in Second Life, and besides my regular posts, these posts, I will post these style tips too I hope at least one time in a week.

Today I decidjeans2ed to share with you a casual outfit, and some items that are a must for your SL closet this winter. Lets start with skinny hi

gh waist jeans.

  H i g h   W a i s t   J e a n s

High Waist jeans are my favorite item in Second life, and there are so many nice ones from different creators. The ones I am wearing now are from Spirit Store, but there are also nice ones from CO.57, Villena etc.

Skinny Jeans give a lot of styling opportunities, but the one thing that is great, they go with cropped and shorter sweaters. Personally, I don’t wear skinny high waist jeans or anything with high waist with long sweaters because they usually don’t fit or I need to get on a larger sweater so it doesn’t look bad when it overlaps with the behind, and I also think that the beauty of high waist jeans is shown a lot more and has more stylish sence with the shorter sweaters or shirts.

For the SL trend followers, and those who just love shopping here are some places where you can find nice high waist skinny jeans :

Villena – these jeans have been released so long ago, but I still wear them a lot!

—TP to Villena———–

Co57 – has also great high waist jeans, that have a slim and cruvy versions, so there is something for each taste.

—Tp to Co57—–

Spirit Store- Kusa Skinny Jeans are the ones I am wearing. They are great and they come with and without suspenders.

—Tp to Spirit Store—-


S w e a t e r s

For the shorter sweaters, here are some destinations where you can find them,

Deetalez – For this round of Winter Trend, Deetalez is offering cute cropped sweaters with different colors and patterns. (see photo here)

—–Click to TP to Winter Trend Event——

Emery- For this round of Fameshed, Emery is proving again why is one of the best fashion stores in Second Life. The new sweaters are great for wearing with skirts, jeans (low or high waist), pants, some winter shorts etc.

You can also check out Emery’s other sweaters at Mainstore, and I am sure you will love them!

—–Fameshed Galery——–

——Click to TP to Fameshed—–

——-Click to TP to Emery——

B o o t s

It’s reasonable that even in SL we all wear boots for the winter, at least from what I have seen. And designers around the grid are making such beautiful boots, weather they are short, mid or knee high, there are so much opportunities and at affordable prices. The boots that I am wearing are from, and they really make such good boots. I have blogged for their boots before, just because I love everything they do. When you wear jeans, usually at Second Life you can’t wear high boots basically cause it overlaps with the jeans or pants, and you just can’t change that. It would be neat if someone found a solution for that, and if someone already has, please let me know, so that I can blog about it on one of the social media I am on or email me, or just tell me inworld (AnnellyStone Resident).

However, here are some short boots that are some of the new designer releases:

Ingenue – They released Add On boots for slink flat feet, which are very very nice, and they have a hud for changing the sock colors, that you can check out here, or just see the whole Collabor88

Catalog for this round.

———TP To Collabor88————

———TP to Ingenue———-

Fri.Day- Offering always a lot of different choices of boots and everything else.

—–TP to—–

Foxes- For those that love a nice heel, and cute short boots, Foxes have released some for the new round of The Arcade, and try your luck, ITS WORTH IT!

——-TP to The Arcade———

Reign – For the new round of N21 Also with an awesome release of unisex boots (see photo here) , that can be worn with this style and available in various colors.

—–TP to N.21—-


A c c e s s o r i e s

Accessories are also an important item, because they are the details that make the outfit complete. An outfit can be so simple, but with the right accessories can always look nice.

As seen on the photo on the beggining of the post, I am wearing this scarf and bag that I find casual and a great fit for this outfit. I love having some colors on me, I am never monotone, and even for the winter, I prefer colorful rather than monotone.

The bag is from Fahshionably Dead (fd) and it was in a round of Collabor88, and I think it looks great and fits with most outfits. The scarf was from The Seasons Story by S’n’S and it was available in various colors, and now is available at the mainstore of Snips and Nails.

The bag can be found @ Fashionably Dead Mainstore.

A scarf and a bag, and maybe some ring, can complete your outfit for the day, and you will still look stylish even though you are dressed casual.

I suggest to everyone to have in their SL closet at least one scarf because it’s a great addition to any outfit, and it just completes it beautifully

On the photo on the right, you can see some of the color tips I included that can go with this outfit. Weather its the sweater color, or the accessories color, these tones are warm and look wonderful when put together in any outfit. They are perfect for the season, and I hope a good guide if you want to try out a similar outfit.

Here are some new winter accessories available in some events:

Scarf by BBOS- (see photo here)

Ear Muffs (see photo here) – by Noodles, available december round of C88.

Satchel – Glow Studio (see photo here) @ TDR

Thank you for reading, I hope I didn’t make you tired 😛

Happy Shopping!

For any requests or comments, please contact me on the contact form here, or any of the social media I am on, which can be found on this page.