Introduction to the blog and AnnellyStone

winterland closeupI have created this little blog to share with everyone my experience in style and fashion, based on my real life experience.

Every week, I will be giving you my thoughts on the latest styles from all of the hottest designers in Second Life,
I will also try to give you my insight on enterior design from the best creators in the SL Universe as well as a guide of some of my favorite destinations.

Check out my Style Tips that I am posting every week, in my Style Tips category, and Blog Posts on my Blog Posts category.

While you are here, maybe you can find some useful Photoshop tips in my Tutorial page, or would like to see the challenges I have participated in.

Don’t forget to ‘follow’ me so you never miss an issue.!
Please, feel free to contact me about any ideas or thoughts – using this blog, Facebook or back inworld via IM to AnnellyStone Resident.

Ana is a Second Life resident, style and fashion enthusiast, loves decorating and creating. She is also a pose store owner on the grid, and loves blogging when inspired. This blog will observe a lot of aspects of Second Life, including style and fashion as most dominant among the Second Life residents, your favorite destinations, journey through Second Life favorite events, fairs etc. You will also find a lot of useful information as well for those who have been long time residents of Second Life, and those who are new to it. For any questions that you may have , please contact Ana on some of the social media she is on that you can find on the Welcome page, or send her a notecard inworld : AnnellyStone Resident.


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