Spring Environment ♥

This post is weirdly inspired by what I was doing the other day.. It’s weird, but I was actually sitting in similar scene like this, eating some chocolate with my laptop on one side… magazines on another side… searching for inspirations for my posts for Ferosh Magazine… and there I just got an idea to do this post with the amazing new set by Sway’s that was released for the Liaison Collaborative this month. The set is called Filis and it’s adorable with it’s pastel colors, gets me into the spring mood. Here is what you need to know about this set:

Chair A
*12 single and 7 couple animations
*6 texture options

Chair B
*12 single and 7 couple animations
*6 texture options

(chair A and B have different animations)

*paper ball lams
*3 trio, 3 single big and 3 single small
*in matching colors for the chairs
*light on / off by touch

Table & Magazine

Tulipsin glass vase come in:
yellow, pink, red, purple and colorful

I sort of went with the flow and just rezzed the things I could find in my inventory and played around. I am moving to a new house so I have my inventory such a mess {not different from moving in rl l:)} .


For this photo, I decided to play a little bit with light and creating sort of dust effect in photoshop. I have learned a lot through the years experimenting with everything that photoshop offers, so If you guys want any kind of tutorial, just comment bellow or contact me on my social media pages, and I will try my best to do it for you  🙂

When it comes to fashion, I prefer really summer and spring… Its not that autumn and winter are not nice… but spring clothes make me happy and cheerful. The weather itself brings joy and when your surroundings are colorful, you get the same 🙂 I added some stripes to my outfit to make this photo more fun with some patterns in it. Hope you enjoy it and hurry down get your own of these sets, they will get your mood on!


Shopping Guide to Liaison Collaborative

Shopping Guide to Season’s Story

D e t a i l s

Around me

Sofa, Table, Magazine,Vase with flowers and lights – Filis Set by Sway’s @ Liaison Collaborative

Inspirational Board – Gacha by Tres Blah

Books – Interior Books @ Mudhoney

Shoes on floor – Canvas Shoes @ Mudhoney

Glasses Case –  Glasses w/case @ Mudhoney

Decorative Corner – Decorative writer corner wall @ DRD

Photo Collage – Forever Change @ Ionic

Telephone – Payphone @ Floorplan (gacha)

Curtains – Sunlight Curtains @ Floorplan

Laptop -{geekbook/floral}RARE @ Vespertine

Carpet – Hallway Rug @ HIdeki

On Me

Hair – Pr!tty @ The Season’s Story

Glasses-  CatEye Embellished  Glasses Taupe @ Glam Affair

Top – Stripe Blouse – Blue -[MotiAme]- @ Kustom9

Tied Sweater  – Sweater Tied . Black @ OVH


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