The Season of Dreams

Hellooo and happy spring days!

Missed blogging definitely, but that is because I just got busier with my store, and not much time to blog. Anyways, Very good events going on around SL, designers bringing their spring mood out to us, and I really can feel it! Especially, I am impressed by this round of Kustom9. Everything looks amazing, great quality, especially Amitomo surprised me with this Jacket over shoulders gacha. I love wearing jackets over shoulder and I was begging in my mind for designers to release a denim one, and finally Amitomo released just the one I imagined! I played and played, got many, but I love this one especially with the saying: “Art is Monet” . Indeed it is! 🙂

P.S When you play the Amitomo denim jacket gacha, you better take the unrigged version for resizing so that you can fit it better.

The thing I love most about Maitreya body that anything can fit, its why I am never taking it off now, but also sometimes I need something resizable, to wear shirts underneath, like this incredibly creative shirt by Wonton for The Seasons Story. It’s a very funky shirt, asymmetrical as I most love it. It doesn’t really fit the Maitreya body, so pleeeeeeeeeease make a Maitreya rigged version ❤ I think as Maitreya is spreading around SL, and many people are starting to buy, designers need to update their clothes , at least the most selling ones to Maitreya, that way we will all be happy! 🙂 I know that is a hard work of course, but until then, we will wear our clothes with the awesome HUD that the body provides.

As usual, here are the shopping guides for this month’s events that have just started, so that you go ahead and choose what you want to buy!

my blog closeupnails

Lastly, my friend Delilah has started making nail appliers for Maitreya and Slink, and the tones she does are wonderful. She is an artist therefore very creative person, and love the colors she works with, can’t wait to see more of those!

I thought this funky yet springy look would give you guys a lot of inspiration, cause it certainly gave me for one more post at least. Sometimes I have a lack of inspiration, so please, feel free to contact me and ask me to post whatever you want, a photoshop tutorial maybe, or another Style tip.. haven’t done those for sometime.


Jacket  | Amitomo – Heavy shoulder gacha @ Kustom9

Top | Wonton – Assymetry Top @ The Season’s Story

Leggings  | Erratic – Printed Leggings for Maitreya @ Collabor88

Shoes  | Wonton Femme – Margiel Heeled Sandals @ The Season’s Story

Head Accessory  |  Lode –  Sweet Pea

Bag  |   U.F.O. – Mini dell bag @ Kustom9

Tattoo  | Taox – Feather

Naipolish | CATHARSIS – Spring 2015 V2 Nail set (compatible with Maitreya and Slink)

Hair  | Moon – Mourning Sickness

Ring  | (Yummy) – Hard Candy Ring

Slink Hands

Slink Feet

Maitreya Mesh Body

Location : Vive 9 Mainstore @ Eila

Lastly, enjoy the post with this song<3


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