I surrender to ♥ L o v e ♥

Hello everyone!

I have my romantic mood switched on these days, and I really am enjoying it. Everything around makes me giggle, because love has this power to take you to the best places that your mind can imagine… It makes me float around and feel like I am flying all the time. It came since I started littening to Celine Dion and her hit song “I surrender”. It’s sooo powerful! Sooo beautiful! ♥♥ I really am in heaven right now and I feel I have so much love to give to everyone. And I made this post to spread it to all of you and tell you that you are a beautiful human being and you all deserve to be loved  ♥


When it comes to love, the best poems come from the great Turkish poets. The thing about turkish poetry is that we cannot translate it in English, because the English language or other languages don’t have the specific words for it. But I have tried to find translation for one of my favorite turkish poets Nazim Hikmet. Btw I don’t speak Turkish, well maybe I understand a bit and can respond to some questions, but when you do translate all the turkish songs and poems, there isn’t a single bad song.. but everywhere you will find the most powerful lyrics of all time.

Seviyorum Seni I Love You

Seviyorum seni
ekmeği tuza banıp yer gibi
Geceleyin ateşler içinde uyanarak
ağzımı dayayıp musluğa su içer gibi
Ağır posta paketini
neyin nesi belirsiz
telaşlı, sevinçli, kuşkulu açar gibi
Seviyorum seni
denizi ilk defa uçakla geçer gibi
İstanbul’da yumuşacık kararırken ortalık
içimde kımıldayan birşeyler gibi
Seviyorum seni
Yaşıyoruz çok şükür der gibi.

I love you
like dipping bread into salt and eating
Like waking up at night with high fever
and drinking water, with the tap in my mouth
Like unwrapping the heavy box from the postman
with no clue what it is
fluttering, happy, doubtful
I love you
like flying over the sea in a plane for the first time
Like something moves inside me
when it gets dark softly in Istanbul
I love you
Like thanking God that we live.


The photos were taken at the beautiful sim Isle of Love that Strawberry Singh used it for a photo for her newest Monday Meme. Check it out if you are interested, you will enjoy this challenge, she always has the best challenges!

And when it comes to beautiful and romantic dresses Junbug is always my first stop.

Details for outfit:

Dress:  {Junbug} The Nymph in Ivory

Hair:   pr!tty – Louise – {Blondes+Browns}  @ TDR

Earrings and Necklace:   [MANDALA]  –  Pearl-Rain-Season3 Choker Set @ Shiny Shabby

Nail Appliers: Beauty by Alaskametro – Slink manicure/pedicure – “Blush”

Eyes: [ MUDSKIN ] Glass Eye Green6

Pose: {Sitting Pretty } – Seduction



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