Color explosion

Hey Everyone!

Finally after some time that my PC was acting up, I got it to service and replaced my graphics card, so now I am going craaaaaaazy with photos, and loving it! It’s soo much easier now for me, so it’s time to get back to blogging.

Really really love this round of Uber with the Boho theme, gives so much to choose from and you can really go crazy with styling and colors. I was gonna add even more colors but I think this just balanced it enough. Boho style especially gives you that freedom of combining colors and getting a lot of other styles mixed. Emery is a great shop to also find a lot of colorful and quality pieces of clothing that you can combine and make your own boho style.

I also got myself a new skin, of course from my favorite skin shop ITGIRLS. For those who haven’t visited it, its gorgeous, and the skins are made with such high details and quality. I am planning to stick with this one, I really like the thick eyebrows on this one and the eyes are sooo detailed along with the eyelids and you don’t even need to wear eyelashes.

Hope you liked this outfit, I really enjoyed making it.

Here is what I put together and hope that you will like it!

Check the shopping guide of Uber’s february round.


This photo was taken on the Tableau sim, owned by Nylon Pinkney. You can read about the interview with Nylon Pinkney, and check out the interview of Drax with Nylon, the beautiful mind behind this beautiful creations.


Top | Cropped Top Naomi City – Emery

Vest | Tarot Fur Vest – Foxes @ Uber

Skirt | Pleated midi skirt  – ISON

Heels | Boho Red – JD @ Uber

Hair |Dream Weaver – MOON Hair @ Uber

Sunglasses |Vintage Hazel Shades – .:Le Primitif:.

Headband |70s Head Wrarp – LODE 

Clutch | Librarian_Clutch – NewYork – .:Le Primitif:.

AND YET ANOTHER FRIENDS VIDEO! 😀 This is Chandler’s funniest moments . Happy Sunday!


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