Ana’s Yearbook Photo

I finally did the Strawberry Singh yearbook challenge, which I think is so nice and creative, and in her flickr group we have now our own SL yearbook:) I chose something that I have also chosen for my yearbook high school photo, and also tried to make my avi smile a bit more naturally. I changed my shape specifically for this smile, and you can see it also on my previous post, and saved it for my next photos where I intend to make my avi smile. I am not sure if these specifications about my face will help to anyone else,because there are different shapes, but it is worth the try. I figured it looks natural, and the photo does not have photoshop around the lips or the eyes, I have just photoshopped the edges around the nose. Loved working on this challenge, and you can check out the group for the SL Yearbook challenge and see all of the great photos that everyone has shared there.

P.S : Big thanks to my brother Tracei for this awesome jewelry set that he got me as a Christmas present. LOVE IT!!


First I got the Anypose Expression hud from marketplace, that you can also get for free, and than I marked the expression: Toothsmile. After that I just worked around the shape. When you smile is normal that your cheeks go up a bit so I lifted the cheeks too and that really helped for the more realistic smile.

These are the specifications from my shape, and I have written here only the specifications that I have changed for this smile. Don’t forget to save this shape as separate so that you don’t mess it up afterwards, there can be a lot of work there.

Eye Size: 45

Eye opening: 80

Outer Corner Up : 53

Inner Eye Corner: 0

Upper Eyelid Fold: 30

Lip Ratio: 53

Upper Cheeks: 50

Cheek Bones: 70

  • Details about outfit:

Blazer: KITJA – Melly Blazer VINOUS @ Kustom9

Hair: Lamb! – Sacred – Gingers

Freckles: DeeTaleZ – Freckles “Chocolate Splits” @ Chapter Four

Lipstick: ** [PUMEC – BamboO] – Diana Lips FAT PACK ** RARE

Necklace and hair stick: [MANDALA] – SHIPPOAH Jewelry set -White(wear ME to unpack!)


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