Hello Everyone

I just can’t seem to get enough of winter, and it has just started! Everything is so beautiful, so cheerful especially with the holidays coming up.

I have been getting the same cheer in Second Life. Moving the “Sitting Pretty” store, to the new, rainforest sim Lago de Prata, participating in yet another round of Pose Me Amazing and theChristmas Market. I have had a lot of inspiration creating, but now I got an inspiration for a new post as well.

Again, as a photo shoot location,as in my previous post, I chose the winter themed sim Let It Snow.It’s gorgeous, and you should definately see it, it’s so well done and such an inspiration!

The other inspiration was this round of Fameshed. The creators have brought their A game on, and it has definately something for everyone.

This dress was the best one that caught my eye, as well as the Wassabi Pills exclusive for the event. Most of the hairs I own are from Wassabi Pills and Lamb, just because they have the best red natural color, and for some time now I am a redhead, and I haven’t been bored with the color yet. The dress has a beautiful pattern and available in beautiful winter tones, and the high collar and the bowtie, make it even cuter.

Let’s not forget The Arcade, where Foxes, again, is a huge domination with their release of the cute coats, and boots, and earmuffs, and these GORGEOUS and cute bags.

I got the one with the raindeer, and when I saw a raindeer at the sim, I just had to hug it ♥

I just loove the lipsticks from Pumec for Gacha Mania. If you use a mesh head, they can be a great fit for you, it has the best autumn/winter tones to make your lips look beautiful. If you do not own a mesh head, in the pack there is still a tattoo layer which you can add. It really depends on your lip shape, and here, it didn’t fit quite good to my lips, but I still love this nude color.

Hope I have somehow inspired you today.

Remember, be kind to one another, and enjoy the beauty of winter.


What I am wearing:

Dress:Coquet. Victoria – Holly@ Fameshed

Boots: friday. – Maggie.Boots (Olive)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Holly Mesh Hair – Reds Pack@ Fameshed

Bag:Foxes- Woodland Wonderland –  Deer Bag @ The Arcade

Lipstick: ** [PUMEC – BamboO] Diana Lips Nude @ GchaMania

Pose on first photo: Made by me exclusive for this photo, and if there are any requests, I would be glad to release it.

Pose on second photo: {Sitting Pretty} pose from the Fashionable Clutches set. Poses are also sold seperately, and all will be available on december 10th @ Pose Me Amazing


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