Let’s dip this chocolate into more chocolate ❤


D e t a i l s 

Dress / Blueberry /Cha- Long Sleeve dress – (On Sale now)

Hair / Doe – Barbette – Blondes @ Chapter Four

Mug / Animal Face Mug – Sway’s @ The Liason Colaborative

Head – LeLutka Stella

NOTE! – The Pose does not go with the mug. The mug goes with it’s own drinking animation. 


What are we waiting for?

While yesterday I went through some tough time… I decided to just lay and think about is it worth spending so much time overthinking things… what could it be? What should it be?

The thought got me out of my bed and I realized how life should be about living it to the fullest, having fun, enjoying every minute that is given to us.

Or, as Prince said : Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.

beauty of summer

This time of the year is really beautiful and gives a lot to look forward to. Vacations, hanging out with friends, being with our loved ones… And it’s so easy at the worst times to forget what an amazing gift life really is. We just need to find the inspiration in life that gets us through.

If you are reading this and want to share your inspiration in life, just comment bellow ♥

beauty of summer 2

Changing the subject a bit..

I don’t know if you guys remember the beautiful sim Salt Water, which now is called Santuario. It’s so beautiful and creative sim. It costs you 300L to enter the group and take photos here, and you can ever rezz, so its reeeally worth it. I feel a lot of photos coming on this location!

Click here if you want to check out the group . I think this kind of sims are hard to find, because not all of them allow you to rezz, so this one is a great solution for the summer.


You can find the details on my outfit and the decor from first photo in the details below.

Lastly, a quote i read that kept me inspired these days, and I hope it gets you too.

“The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”– Oliver Wendell Holmes

D e t a i l s :


Campfire set (campfire, mugs, pots, log with pillow, stump, stump with pillow) – Sway’s – @ Uber

Rowboat Bench – Sway’s – @ Sway’s Mainstore

Anchor decor cushion @ Sway’s Mainstore

Outfit : 

Skin – [sYs] – Angie Skin @ Shiny Shabby (Lelutka Applier + Maitreya Body Applier)

Top –  [sYs] – Madryn Top @ ON9

Hat –  [sYs] – Panama Hat @ The Chapter Four

Bag –  [sYs] – Panama Bag @ The Chapter Four

Skirt – YADWIGA –  Split Midi Skirt / Coral.

Shoes – [Decoy] Cait Wedges – Camel

.Exotic Spring.


Recently, I decided to include a bit of furniture as well in my posts, since I love decorating and I really got into the mood, inspired by this round of Uber and Shiny Shabby. They will inspire you to make your own summer exotic look.

So i dug through my inventory for also some old items that I could use for this scene, and I was pretty pleased with the result.

I have been redecorating my house as well recently, and I have decided to give it a bit of summery look, which I might share in the next post. I love when I decorate a space with a lot of colors. It give me the spring/summer mood and more enthusiasm for working.


The gorgeous summer linnen dress I am wearing is by sYs for who I recently started blogging. I always loved their designs, and now even more when they have Maitreya versions for their clothes. They also released this bag that I am wearing, that is quite unisex and comes in different textures for the new round of Shiny Shabby.

The cute elixirs are by Sway’s , right now at the Fantasy Gacha event. They are adorable and come in long and short versions. They are very nicely detailed and textured as usual.



D e t a i l s

On me:

Dress – [sYs] – Chloe dress linnen

Hair – Entwined  – Lana

Head accessory – ieQED – flower string crown @ Shinny Shabby

Fan : M.birdie Story (Cheolrik Look Fan4) @ Shinny Shabby

Nose Ring – MG – Tikka and Nose Ring – Maharani @ uber

Hand tattoo -(NO) Art Nails (Henna Tattoo for Hands) @ uber

Necklaces – Sway’s – Elf Elixirs necklaces (gacha) @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Bag – [sYs] – CABA bag @ Shiny Shabby


Bench and tray with candles – Sway’s @ uber

Table, elephant and wine jug @ [Zaara home]

Floor cushion and stepladder shelves @ Junk

Wooden screen divider @ [DDD]

Lace throw – cinpul @ Shiny Shabby

Row of books @ Dutchie

Newspaper (on books) and Handbag&Scarf decor @ Apple Fall

Slippers, Floral books & Love Sign – [Zerkalo] @ Shiny Shabby

Vase – [Toiz] @ Shiny Shabby

Pillows on floor  @  [Zerkalo]

Curtain @ Zinnias

I saw you, and lived you in a photo…

So happy to become a part of the [sYs] bloggers team! This is one of my favorite stores for so many various reasons, but mostly the originality of the outfits and all the creativity put in them. Thank you guys for giving me this opportunity♥

The jewelry inspired me mostly to create this photo and take it in the beautiful sim Tableau, Mexico. I was going for a kind of oriental look, and got even more inspired while listening to some oriental music. I have realized that the music defines so much of my inspiration and the mood I will set up in my photos.

The dress comes with a Maitreya body version as well, and the head jewelry is so easy to resize and fit with hair even!

Hope you guys like this one, and here is some Turkish poetry for you to read ❤


You in a photo…

Yesterday, I saw your eyes in a photo
They were like two stars far away, lost in thoughts
I wish you could know what they told me, in silence
Your looks that became deeper with love.

I felt as if you were not there,
You existed somewhere else, somewhere far away, with me
I saw love shining in your face
Like a mirror in the garden of beauties.

You stepped out of the mirror slowly, timidly
You threw yourself into my arms like a gazelle
With fires in your lips filled with longing

I saw you, and I lived you in a photo
You were so close to me, closer than ever
You told me of the happy days that are yet to come.

Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan


D E T A I L S :

Dress / [sYs] /Maeva Dress – salmon

Flats /  Poute    / Roma Flat Sandals @ Tres Chic

Hair / Little Bones / Widow – Landslide

Scarf / Shi. / Hood Chiffon

Head Jewelry / [sYs]/  SABA head jewelry

Bracelets / [sYs] / Loly and POP bracelets

Rings / LagYo /  Malika tripple ring “gold”

Location / Tableau, Mexico


Fashtels {Fashion Pastels}

Hey Everyone! Decided this time to play with some pastels from the newest round of C88, which is btw AMAZING!

I adore pastels in every way possible, and I am glad for this theme. The pastels are hotter than ever this spring, and there are so many ways to combine them and wear them, and they will definitely sweeten up your spring/summer looks. I got lost buying in C88, and on me are my favorite items.  Of course, ISON as always did a beautiful play with the colors and patterns for this top and the bottoms I am wearing. I really adore the cuts on the top, the only thing thats missing is Maitreya version of this outfit. It’s really needed because you can do a lot with the Alpha hud, but still some bits are sticking out and you would have to lower your muscles on your legs or something to get it right. Other than that, the design is AWESOME!


Collabor is not the only place I visited. I went to Fameshed and got some things from there too. Really great items for this round, and LOTS and LOTS of gifts for everyone! The gifts are honestly so well done. I am wearing the rings from -Cae- and they have loads of options. They are also made to fit on Maitreya hand as well, and its how I have them. Each have a resize menu, color options and my god, everything is brilliant! I love this creative set of rings, and its inspired by the moon phases, and has a little star too!

I urge you to rush down to Collabor88 and Fameshed and get your fave designer items!

look close

Collabor88 – Shopping Guide

Fameshed – Shopping Guide


Visit the post on Ferosh ♥

D e t a i l s 

Top / ISON  / Chifon Shorts /* @ Collabor88

Bottom / ISON  / Cutout Crop Top / * @ Collabor88

Flats / Ingenue / Lacy Flats /* @ Collabor88

Socks / Izzie’s / Overknee Socks

Bag / LaGyo / Maylea Clutch Farm

Hair Accessory / LaGyo / Mary bow bandana

Hair / Lamb / Babylon – Dark Blonde Pack / * @ Collabor88

Shades / .random.Matter./ Lana Glasses – Blue * @ Uber

Nail Appliers / CATHARSIS  / Spring 2015 V2 Nail Set

Spring Environment ♥

This post is weirdly inspired by what I was doing the other day.. It’s weird, but I was actually sitting in similar scene like this, eating some chocolate with my laptop on one side… magazines on another side… searching for inspirations for my posts for Ferosh Magazine… and there I just got an idea to do this post with the amazing new set by Sway’s that was released for the Liaison Collaborative this month. The set is called Filis and it’s adorable with it’s pastel colors, gets me into the spring mood. Here is what you need to know about this set:

Chair A
*12 single and 7 couple animations
*6 texture options

Chair B
*12 single and 7 couple animations
*6 texture options

(chair A and B have different animations)

*paper ball lams
*3 trio, 3 single big and 3 single small
*in matching colors for the chairs
*light on / off by touch

Table & Magazine

Tulipsin glass vase come in:
yellow, pink, red, purple and colorful

I sort of went with the flow and just rezzed the things I could find in my inventory and played around. I am moving to a new house so I have my inventory such a mess {not different from moving in rl l:)} .


For this photo, I decided to play a little bit with light and creating sort of dust effect in photoshop. I have learned a lot through the years experimenting with everything that photoshop offers, so If you guys want any kind of tutorial, just comment bellow or contact me on my social media pages, and I will try my best to do it for you  🙂

When it comes to fashion, I prefer really summer and spring… Its not that autumn and winter are not nice… but spring clothes make me happy and cheerful. The weather itself brings joy and when your surroundings are colorful, you get the same 🙂 I added some stripes to my outfit to make this photo more fun with some patterns in it. Hope you enjoy it and hurry down get your own of these sets, they will get your mood on!


Shopping Guide to Liaison Collaborative

Shopping Guide to Season’s Story

D e t a i l s

Around me

Sofa, Table, Magazine,Vase with flowers and lights – Filis Set by Sway’s @ Liaison Collaborative

Inspirational Board – Gacha by Tres Blah

Books – Interior Books @ Mudhoney

Shoes on floor – Canvas Shoes @ Mudhoney

Glasses Case –  Glasses w/case @ Mudhoney

Decorative Corner – Decorative writer corner wall @ DRD

Photo Collage – Forever Change @ Ionic

Telephone – Payphone @ Floorplan (gacha)

Curtains – Sunlight Curtains @ Floorplan

Laptop -{geekbook/floral}RARE @ Vespertine

Carpet – Hallway Rug @ HIdeki

On Me

Hair – Pr!tty @ The Season’s Story

Glasses-  CatEye Embellished  Glasses Taupe @ Glam Affair

Top – Stripe Blouse – Blue -[MotiAme]- @ Kustom9

Tied Sweater  – Sweater Tied . Black @ OVH

The Season of Dreams

Hellooo and happy spring days!

Missed blogging definitely, but that is because I just got busier with my store, and not much time to blog. Anyways, Very good events going on around SL, designers bringing their spring mood out to us, and I really can feel it! Especially, I am impressed by this round of Kustom9. Everything looks amazing, great quality, especially Amitomo surprised me with this Jacket over shoulders gacha. I love wearing jackets over shoulder and I was begging in my mind for designers to release a denim one, and finally Amitomo released just the one I imagined! I played and played, got many, but I love this one especially with the saying: “Art is Monet” . Indeed it is! 🙂

P.S When you play the Amitomo denim jacket gacha, you better take the unrigged version for resizing so that you can fit it better.

The thing I love most about Maitreya body that anything can fit, its why I am never taking it off now, but also sometimes I need something resizable, to wear shirts underneath, like this incredibly creative shirt by Wonton for The Seasons Story. It’s a very funky shirt, asymmetrical as I most love it. It doesn’t really fit the Maitreya body, so pleeeeeeeeeease make a Maitreya rigged version ❤ I think as Maitreya is spreading around SL, and many people are starting to buy, designers need to update their clothes , at least the most selling ones to Maitreya, that way we will all be happy! 🙂 I know that is a hard work of course, but until then, we will wear our clothes with the awesome HUD that the body provides.

As usual, here are the shopping guides for this month’s events that have just started, so that you go ahead and choose what you want to buy!

my blog closeupnails

Lastly, my friend Delilah has started making nail appliers for Maitreya and Slink, and the tones she does are wonderful. She is an artist therefore very creative person, and love the colors she works with, can’t wait to see more of those!

I thought this funky yet springy look would give you guys a lot of inspiration, cause it certainly gave me for one more post at least. Sometimes I have a lack of inspiration, so please, feel free to contact me and ask me to post whatever you want, a photoshop tutorial maybe, or another Style tip.. haven’t done those for sometime.


Jacket  | Amitomo – Heavy shoulder gacha @ Kustom9

Top | Wonton – Assymetry Top @ The Season’s Story

Leggings  | Erratic – Printed Leggings for Maitreya @ Collabor88

Shoes  | Wonton Femme – Margiel Heeled Sandals @ The Season’s Story

Head Accessory  |  Lode –  Sweet Pea

Bag  |   U.F.O. – Mini dell bag @ Kustom9

Tattoo  | Taox – Feather

Naipolish | CATHARSIS – Spring 2015 V2 Nail set (compatible with Maitreya and Slink)

Hair  | Moon – Mourning Sickness

Ring  | (Yummy) – Hard Candy Ring

Slink Hands

Slink Feet

Maitreya Mesh Body

Location : Vive 9 Mainstore @ Eila

Lastly, enjoy the post with this song<3

Color explosion

Hey Everyone!

Finally after some time that my PC was acting up, I got it to service and replaced my graphics card, so now I am going craaaaaaazy with photos, and loving it! It’s soo much easier now for me, so it’s time to get back to blogging.

Really really love this round of Uber with the Boho theme, gives so much to choose from and you can really go crazy with styling and colors. I was gonna add even more colors but I think this just balanced it enough. Boho style especially gives you that freedom of combining colors and getting a lot of other styles mixed. Emery is a great shop to also find a lot of colorful and quality pieces of clothing that you can combine and make your own boho style.

I also got myself a new skin, of course from my favorite skin shop ITGIRLS. For those who haven’t visited it, its gorgeous, and the skins are made with such high details and quality. I am planning to stick with this one, I really like the thick eyebrows on this one and the eyes are sooo detailed along with the eyelids and you don’t even need to wear eyelashes.

Hope you liked this outfit, I really enjoyed making it.

Here is what I put together and hope that you will like it!

Check the shopping guide of Uber’s february round.


This photo was taken on the Tableau sim, owned by Nylon Pinkney. You can read about the interview with Nylon Pinkney, and check out the interview of Drax with Nylon, the beautiful mind behind this beautiful creations.


Top | Cropped Top Naomi City – Emery

Vest | Tarot Fur Vest – Foxes @ Uber

Skirt | Pleated midi skirt  – ISON

Heels | Boho Red – JD @ Uber

Hair |Dream Weaver – MOON Hair @ Uber

Sunglasses |Vintage Hazel Shades – .:Le Primitif:.

Headband |70s Head Wrarp – LODE 

Clutch | Librarian_Clutch – NewYork – .:Le Primitif:.

AND YET ANOTHER FRIENDS VIDEO! 😀 This is Chandler’s funniest moments . Happy Sunday!

Be brave.


Mixing styles in fashion, gives a lot of nice results, everything is worth the try. Our closets are sooo full with clothes, and yet again we have nothing to wear 🙂 That is also true with me, but recently, I have tried to start with combining some of my old and new pieces and mixing a lot of casual with elegant. It gives that edgy look that I am always going for.

When I saw this wonderful maxi skirt from Baiastice, I imagined it instantly with a cool print cropped shirt to go with. So, I quickly went to Le Primitif where I always find the coolest tops, and got my combination for the day.

I don’t know if you have seen, but there is a new store opening on the grid, called Mandy Crew. The first release is this chic decorative rack stand, that comes in various of color combination. There are also two limited Racks that you can get by joining the group, and there are just 20 each , so hurry and get yours before they run out of them! You can also check out Mandy Crew’s Flickr, Webpage and Marketplace. 

The idea of it is just great and with the colors available, it can fit into any home. I quickly made a pose to go with this photo and I love the result.

Collabor88 and Kustom9 have started with the new rounds so hurry and get your favorite stuff, and to save you some time, here are the shopping guides for them.


  • Top | LP::: –  OpenBack_Crop – Luxury
  • Skirt | Baiastice – Nayra Long Skirt-Black @ Kustom9
  • Hair | ~Tableau Vivant~ –  My Love Hair – Blonds @ Kustom9
  • Shades | Garbaggio // – Cateye Shades – Tortoise @ Fashion Fair
  • Coat Rack |  Mandy/Crew – Decorative Rack Stand – Black
  • Build | Scarlet Creative – Country Keep Prefab   @Collabbor88

This has nothing to do with this post, but I was on youtube, and let me just say, I am the biggest “Friends” fan ever! Here are some of Ross’s epic fails! I enjoyeeed this video, so have a laugh along!

This video is probably not available in the USA, so here is a similar link 🙂

Tips on Elegant Style

Hello Everyone.

I have worked on this post for some time, because Style Tips take me a long time to find stores with the best outfits for the style that I am talking about in a post. And I decided to do these style tips and I hope I can start doing them Mondays, so that we can start off the week ♥

I have found different stores with the best elegant outfits, but first, lets start off with some things I wanted to say.

In order to look elegant in SL and even RL, you don’t always necessarily need to wear long dresses that have to be black or red or white.. in fact, a lot of colorful dresses with warm tones can make you look even fresher.Elegant can be expressed in many different kinds of wardrobe, and for this reason I made 3 outfits so that you can find your style.

If you need to attend something and dress formal, you don’t have to necessarily wear the same old colors : black, red, white etc etc. Colors make a lot of difference and especially the pastel colors this year. Pantone has released the colors of spring 2015 and they are fab! Yay for the soft tones! Now imagine those beautiful elegant dresses in Aquamarine or Masala… Gorgeous!


Details for this photo: 

LEFT PHOTO                                                                 

Dress: .: ryvolter :. Alaia Silk Draped Gown

Heels: Pure Poison -Olivia’s Golden Choice Pumps

Hair: Lamb. Sacred – Ginger Pack


Ring in all of the photos:[MANDALA] – Anuttra RingSET/earth metal


Jacket over shoulders:  Emery – Lennox Over Shoulders Blazer Eden @ Collabor88        

Dress:  ISON – leather trim dress (taupe)

Heels: JD – Angel Nude @ uber

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Holly Mesh Hair – Reds Pack


Suit: [LeLutka]-Aviva Suit-Plantation

Heels: ::LC:: Mila Pump – [Nude]

Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 59 / MAUVE

When it comes to accessorize your elegant look, try to pick something simple, or if you want to give an edge to your elegant look, just pick some jewelry that stands out, something edgy or an unordinary clutch or a bag. That will make you look elegant and fashionable.

Of course, it all depends on the style that you prefer. Some prefer simply elegant and want to look as tender as possible. In that case, you can just put some minimal jewelry on you with a simple elegant quality made dress, and you are good to go!

What to visit this week to make your own elegant and classy outfit:

OVH – Awesome short dress for this round- (See Photo)

1992 – Top, Skirt and THE BEST HEELS EVER – (See Photo)

  •  UBER: The best designer outfits in every round.

-Seul’s Suit – (See Photo)

-Seul’s Dress and Jacket – (See Photo)

-Truth’s Hair – (See Photo)

-Junbug – (See Photo)

  •  Junbug: You will always find something elegant if you are searching it. Also vintage!

– Junbug’s Web Page (check it for updates)

-Junbug’s Mainstore (go shopping!)

  • Ryvolter: Elegant and Edgy styles. You can find  A LOT here

-Ryvolter on Flickr;


  • Ison: – a synonym for elegance and true quality in SL. Check out the Mainstore, and you might want to check their outfit @ …

-Ison on Flickr

-Ison Page

-Ison Mainstore

  • David Heather by Gianni Broda– Always elegant and stylish, presenting always the biggest trends and quality clothing to the grid.

– Cashmere&Keane Sales (the former brand of Gianni Broda ) – all of the items are now sold for 75L

-David Heather Mainstore

-David Heather on Flickr

  • Maxi Gossamerbeautiful and elegant jewelry, and you can find some chic pieces there too!

-MG page

-MG Mainstore

  • Lagyo: Always, always good choice, for those that enjoy the edgy jewelry and haute couture, this is the place to visit.

-LaGyo Mainstore

-LaGyo Flickr

  • Ariskea: Another beautiful store that includes also vintage jewelry.

-Ariskea Mainstore

-Ariskea Flickr

Lastly, I made my color picks for this season coming, just for fun 🙂 They include some radiant and also warm tones.


Photoshop Actions Tutorial

Hello Everyone.

BEFORE: The raw photo from SL; AFTER: The photo created using only the Photoshop actions described below

Recently while I was working on Photoshop and discovered some Photoshop actions that I hadn’t used before. So I quickly started trying all of those that I had already downloaded. Now, many of you may already know about Photoshop actions, and how to apply them, but I decided to do a quick tutorial about them , and hope that you can use them.

If you spend a lot of time with photo editing you can certainly benefit from the time saved by having a good library of Photoshop actions. There are so many different types of actions that you can use from vintage effects, black and white, HDR and many more. BUT keep in note: Not all of the actions look good on any picture. There are some that will look nice, and some that won’t, you would just have to experiment with them a bit.  They’re also very useful for those who just want to add simple effects to pictures but don’t know how to do it themselves.

First of all, photoshop actions are very useful especially if you do not want to go through all the time and effort with changing lightning and contrast, color of the photo, creating an effect etc. The photoshop actions are an easy way to give life to your photo, and there are many different ones that you can check out and download using this link. 

As you can see there is a wide range of actions over there, and if you google “Free photoshop actions” you can definitely find a lot lot more of these. I have used the SpoonGraphics photoshop actions with retro effect. 

If you intend to use the Photoshop actions on your photos, you might want to use some more simple windlight effects, as StrawberrySingh’s windlight, or Annan Adored Realistic Ambient windlight setting, and maybe some of the Day Cycle based settings. The reason for this is because with a simpler photo, you can do much more with the actions, rather with colorful and sharper windlight settings. This goes mostly for the Photoshop actions that I have used in this blog. Of course, you can try it with other windlight settings as well.


  • Open Actions

When you download the actions that you want to use, go to : Windows / Actions

The actions bar will pop out , or just press Alt+F9


Then, you go into the right corner of the window as illustrated here, and just click there and Load Actions. You can also just drag the actions to the Actions bar. 


As soon as your actions are loaded, click on the arrow next to the actions folder, and it will give you a drop down menu with your actions that you would like to use. Click on any action. In my case, I am using the action Molle, because I wanted to give my photo a bit of nostalgic and rainy mood. 

  • Play your action

Once you have chosen your action, mark it, and click the play button that I have marked here with pink. Be sure to make a new layer from the background, in case you mess it up and you can’t go back. The action will load and you will get the action in a group of layers , and you can open it and check out the layers that got to this effect, or just change the opacity that is now 100% . I don’t want the effect to be so strong, so I just changed the opacity and got the result that I had desired.


As you can see I have changed the opacity to 52%, and it gave me the look I wanted.

It is so simple to use the Photoshop Actions and it’s time saving. tutorial5

Remember, a lot of different actions, can offer a lot of different styles. If you decide to try this Photoshop feature, please leave your link in the comments of this post so I can see them, and if you have any concern, you can contact me and I will try to respond as fast as possible.

To get this action you just need to register on the page for free, and just load it in your actions. As ilustrated before.

This Action is great Because it sharpens the photo gives it a High Definition look, and if you don’t like the too much sharpened edges especially on the skin, you can use a soft black brush on there, while you are on the mask layer from the action.


While the action is loading you will get this message here, that basically gives you the information of what to do if you do not like the effect everywhere.


Just click continue, and your HD Mask will be applied. Zoom around the photo to see if it’s sharpened too much in the edges, grab the brush tool while you are still on the High Definition layer and just go around the edges you don’t like as sharp.


Sites for downloading free Actions:

If you find some more useful ones, or you want to show me your photos including the actions, please leave your link as a comment below.

Details on Outfit and Furniture:

Blazer and Skirt:  Kitja Cherie  Melly Blazer and Melly Skirt (VINOUS)

Heels: Pure Poison -Olivia’s Golden Choice Pumps [BOXED]

Hair: Lamb. –  Sacred – Ginger Pack

Chair: Spargel and Shine Homes – Bergere Armchair Pink Rose

Tea Trolley: {AF} Tiffany Drink Trolley

Tea boxes: {AF} – Tea Time Tins

Tea cups: {AF} – Gacha: Teacup Pearls RARE and Teacup Teal

Vase: {AF} Rose Bouquet

Carpet: -Simple Elegance Mesh Braided Moose Rug Mid – Rug Factory

The Window


I am recently finding a lot of inspiration for posting, when the creators do such an amazing job! This round @ Uber was amazing. It was called Opulence and it’s so elegant and royal. All of the creators have done an amazing job, and in this post I am blogging my favorite things I got from there. Now the sim is preparing for another round so it is closed, but you can get the stuff from there in Mainstore.

I have to take my hat off for Ryvolter and Inna Bilavio. This dress is AMAZING! When I saw it, at the drop of the hat I got it in this emerald rich color. The colors.. Oh my god the colors are amazing! You have two palettes to choose from, tender neutral colors and black, and a more colorful palette of colors. I chose the dark emerald one cause it is one of my favorite colors, and plus most of the time I am a redhead, so I love how emerald looks on redheads.

The coat from David Heather is also Amazing. Gianni Broda always is at the top of my list of quality and designer items. He always is so good at what he does, and whatever you get from his store, is a special item.

Lastly I took this photo while playing with windlight settings. It inspired me to do a new set of poses and release them in my store {Sitting Pretty} . I have included this pose in the pack, so it is available now in mainstore.


Click here for the black and white version of this photo. 



Scene / Trompe Loeil – Attic Skybox [mesh]

Lastly, this is the vendor photo I made for the Window poses. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂


Ana’s Yearbook Photo

I finally did the Strawberry Singh yearbook challenge, which I think is so nice and creative, and in her flickr group we have now our own SL yearbook:) I chose something that I have also chosen for my yearbook high school photo, and also tried to make my avi smile a bit more naturally. I changed my shape specifically for this smile, and you can see it also on my previous post, and saved it for my next photos where I intend to make my avi smile. I am not sure if these specifications about my face will help to anyone else,because there are different shapes, but it is worth the try. I figured it looks natural, and the photo does not have photoshop around the lips or the eyes, I have just photoshopped the edges around the nose. Loved working on this challenge, and you can check out the group for the SL Yearbook challenge and see all of the great photos that everyone has shared there.

P.S : Big thanks to my brother Tracei for this awesome jewelry set that he got me as a Christmas present. LOVE IT!!


First I got the Anypose Expression hud from marketplace, that you can also get for free, and than I marked the expression: Toothsmile. After that I just worked around the shape. When you smile is normal that your cheeks go up a bit so I lifted the cheeks too and that really helped for the more realistic smile.

These are the specifications from my shape, and I have written here only the specifications that I have changed for this smile. Don’t forget to save this shape as separate so that you don’t mess it up afterwards, there can be a lot of work there.

Eye Size: 45

Eye opening: 80

Outer Corner Up : 53

Inner Eye Corner: 0

Upper Eyelid Fold: 30

Lip Ratio: 53

Upper Cheeks: 50

Cheek Bones: 70

  • Details about outfit:

Blazer: KITJA – Melly Blazer VINOUS @ Kustom9

Hair: Lamb! – Sacred – Gingers

Freckles: DeeTaleZ – Freckles “Chocolate Splits” @ Chapter Four

Lipstick: ** [PUMEC – BamboO] – Diana Lips FAT PACK ** RARE

Necklace and hair stick: [MANDALA] – SHIPPOAH Jewelry set -White(wear ME to unpack!)

Hello again! :)

Inspired again..

Yes finally after so much going on in rl, things finally got back on track, and I am starting with blogging again. Of course for me winter is still the most wonderful time of the year 🙂 And since I haven’t blogged in a while, I just dug some stuff out of my inventory and decided to blog another winterish style.

I guess its true that the mood describes your mood, and I was in sort of a pinky mood today. So I picked this gorgeous sweater dress from Zenith combined it with these perfect flats from Noodles, and I also added some contrast to this outfit which are the bag and the necklace. Whenever I am putting an outfit on, doesn’t matter if it is rl or sl, there is always a color that stands out. As you can see this monotone pink and white outfit, I just put this absolutely creative necklace from Lark(who have a big sale on their stuff, and you should definatlelly get some of their items if you haven’t already), and the blue bag from Zenith. The reason I do this, is because I want to give my outfit some refreshment, not too much but just so it’s not all monotone, and after all, that’s just my style.


The other thing I wanted to tell you, if you haven’t already heard is the sale that was going on at Mandala and everything was half prize or less, and it is where i got one of my rings(the one on the right).The sale has finished now but Mandala has always great things going on and awesome stuff, so It always brings me there.

Lark has always been so creative, with their furniture as well as accessories. You should not miss out the big sale going on their old releases, you might find them pretty AWESOME.

As always, I reccomend for appliers that you check out “Beauty by alaskametro”. The nail appliers are sooo gorgeous and only 10L on MP, as the one that I am wearing now. All of the details of my outfit are below.



Soon I will be posting the blog challenge from Strawberry Singh for SL Yearbook photo, and there will be details about how I made my avi smile a bit more natural with all of the specifications.

Location of photo: An Lar Estates (check out the great group for destinations on Flickr)


  • Sweater : =Zenith=(Rose)High neck knit dress
  • Tights: ~Cannibelle~ Plain Nylon Tights
  • Flats: Noodles – Amelia Flats Blanc􀀇􀀇􀀇􀀇(gacha item)
  • Necklace: Lark sales room – Dreamers Necklace – Chamomile
  • Bag : =Zenith=Tassel bag Blue(gacha item)
  • Rings  : *on the right* [MANDALA]Anuttra RingSET/earth metal (WEAR ME)

*on the left* REIGN.- Chamber Rings- Lunar (GOLD)(gacha item)

REIGN.- Chamber Rings- Gravity (GOLD)(gacha item)

  • Hair:~Tableau Vivant~ Neve hair – Redheads(I know my hair is blond but thats one of the colors in the hud :))
  • Freckles: DeeTaleZ Freckles “Chocolate Splits” @ The Chapter Four
  • Eyes:[ MUDSKIN ]_Glass Eye_Green6 @ Kustom9
  • Lipstick: ** [PUMEC – BamboO] Diana Lips Dark Pink (gacha item)
  • Hands and Feet: SLink
  • Nail appliers: Beauty by Alaskametro – Slink manicure/pedicure – “Midnight”
  • Pose : Sitting Pretty – Fashionable Clutch Pose (clucthes and poses are on 50% discount)


Hello Everyone

I just can’t seem to get enough of winter, and it has just started! Everything is so beautiful, so cheerful especially with the holidays coming up.

I have been getting the same cheer in Second Life. Moving the “Sitting Pretty” store, to the new, rainforest sim Lago de Prata, participating in yet another round of Pose Me Amazing and theChristmas Market. I have had a lot of inspiration creating, but now I got an inspiration for a new post as well.

Again, as a photo shoot location,as in my previous post, I chose the winter themed sim Let It Snow.It’s gorgeous, and you should definately see it, it’s so well done and such an inspiration!

The other inspiration was this round of Fameshed. The creators have brought their A game on, and it has definately something for everyone.

This dress was the best one that caught my eye, as well as the Wassabi Pills exclusive for the event. Most of the hairs I own are from Wassabi Pills and Lamb, just because they have the best red natural color, and for some time now I am a redhead, and I haven’t been bored with the color yet. The dress has a beautiful pattern and available in beautiful winter tones, and the high collar and the bowtie, make it even cuter.

Let’s not forget The Arcade, where Foxes, again, is a huge domination with their release of the cute coats, and boots, and earmuffs, and these GORGEOUS and cute bags.

I got the one with the raindeer, and when I saw a raindeer at the sim, I just had to hug it ♥

I just loove the lipsticks from Pumec for Gacha Mania. If you use a mesh head, they can be a great fit for you, it has the best autumn/winter tones to make your lips look beautiful. If you do not own a mesh head, in the pack there is still a tattoo layer which you can add. It really depends on your lip shape, and here, it didn’t fit quite good to my lips, but I still love this nude color.

Hope I have somehow inspired you today.

Remember, be kind to one another, and enjoy the beauty of winter.


What I am wearing:

Dress:Coquet. Victoria – Holly@ Fameshed

Boots: friday. – Maggie.Boots (Olive)

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Holly Mesh Hair – Reds Pack@ Fameshed

Bag:Foxes- Woodland Wonderland –  Deer Bag @ The Arcade

Lipstick: ** [PUMEC – BamboO] Diana Lips Nude @ GchaMania

Pose on first photo: Made by me exclusive for this photo, and if there are any requests, I would be glad to release it.

Pose on second photo: {Sitting Pretty} pose from the Fashionable Clutches set. Poses are also sold seperately, and all will be available on december 10th @ Pose Me Amazing


Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on my new blog and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or contact me on any social media I am on, which you can find on my home page.

Hope you like it as well.

Recently, I was reading Strawberry Singh’s post about the Geeks’N’Nerds fair, (she is always such an inspiration), so I went to visit and inspired me to do a post on my blog. I loved the cute necklace from Haste. It’s so adorable, and it comes in gold, bronze, silver, hematite and black, and it comes in two sizes – large and small.

Another thing that inspired me to do this post, is the oufit that I am wearing. It is FANTASTIC. It’s from the new round of N21 which is adorable, and everyone should take a look there. You will find some nice things for your winter look.

Credits are at the end of this post.

The top and skirt are from Mikunch, and it has options of wearing skirt only, or with the sweater. You can also change the texture of the skirt, using the HUD that comes in the pack.


I took the geeky test , and turns out, I am a semi nerd… well that’s about right =)

The pose was made by me, and I will be releasing it along with a few more poses in a pack, at my store {Sitting Pretty}.

What I am wearing :

Top and bottom – Mikunch (white nit x nit skirt) @ N21

Backpack -* Cocoroni : cocorong backpack / Beige – Gacha from previous round of Kustom9

Necklaces – [Haste] Ice Cream Necklaces @ Geeks’N’Nerds Fair

Boots – fri. – Maggie.Boots (Olive) @Collabor88

Bow – {Sitting Pretty} – gacha – Candy Canes Bow@ Mainstore

Glasses – *BOOM* Minimalist Glasses (Cherry) @ Geeks’N’Nerds Fair

Hands –Slink – Gesture

Hope you enjoyed my semi-nerd look, and this post.

Untill next time…



Winter Casual Style

Hello Everyone!

This is my first post on this page with style tips, and hope you like it. I decided to do this project because I really love styling in Second Life, and besides my regular posts, these posts, I will post these style tips too I hope at least one time in a week.

Today I decidjeans2ed to share with you a casual outfit, and some items that are a must for your SL closet this winter. Lets start with skinny hi

gh waist jeans.

  H i g h   W a i s t   J e a n s

High Waist jeans are my favorite item in Second life, and there are so many nice ones from different creators. The ones I am wearing now are from Spirit Store, but there are also nice ones from CO.57, Villena etc.

Skinny Jeans give a lot of styling opportunities, but the one thing that is great, they go with cropped and shorter sweaters. Personally, I don’t wear skinny high waist jeans or anything with high waist with long sweaters because they usually don’t fit or I need to get on a larger sweater so it doesn’t look bad when it overlaps with the behind, and I also think that the beauty of high waist jeans is shown a lot more and has more stylish sence with the shorter sweaters or shirts.

For the SL trend followers, and those who just love shopping here are some places where you can find nice high waist skinny jeans :

Villena – these jeans have been released so long ago, but I still wear them a lot!

—TP to Villena———–

Co57 – has also great high waist jeans, that have a slim and cruvy versions, so there is something for each taste.

—Tp to Co57—–

Spirit Store- Kusa Skinny Jeans are the ones I am wearing. They are great and they come with and without suspenders.

—Tp to Spirit Store—-


S w e a t e r s

For the shorter sweaters, here are some destinations where you can find them,

Deetalez – For this round of Winter Trend, Deetalez is offering cute cropped sweaters with different colors and patterns. (see photo here)

—–Click to TP to Winter Trend Event——

Emery- For this round of Fameshed, Emery is proving again why is one of the best fashion stores in Second Life. The new sweaters are great for wearing with skirts, jeans (low or high waist), pants, some winter shorts etc.

You can also check out Emery’s other sweaters at Mainstore, and I am sure you will love them!

—–Fameshed Galery——–

——Click to TP to Fameshed—–

——-Click to TP to Emery——

B o o t s

It’s reasonable that even in SL we all wear boots for the winter, at least from what I have seen. And designers around the grid are making such beautiful boots, weather they are short, mid or knee high, there are so much opportunities and at affordable prices. The boots that I am wearing are from Fri.day, and they really make such good boots. I have blogged for their boots before, just because I love everything they do. When you wear jeans, usually at Second Life you can’t wear high boots basically cause it overlaps with the jeans or pants, and you just can’t change that. It would be neat if someone found a solution for that, and if someone already has, please let me know, so that I can blog about it on one of the social media I am on or email me, or just tell me inworld (AnnellyStone Resident).

However, here are some short boots that are some of the new designer releases:

Ingenue – They released Add On boots for slink flat feet, which are very very nice, and they have a hud for changing the sock colors, that you can check out here, or just see the whole Collabor88

Catalog for this round.

———TP To Collabor88————

———TP to Ingenue———-

Fri.Day- Offering always a lot of different choices of boots and everything else.

—–TP to fri.day—–

Foxes- For those that love a nice heel, and cute short boots, Foxes have released some for the new round of The Arcade, and try your luck, ITS WORTH IT!

——-TP to The Arcade———

Reign – For the new round of N21 Also with an awesome release of unisex boots (see photo here) , that can be worn with this style and available in various colors.

—–TP to N.21—-


A c c e s s o r i e s

Accessories are also an important item, because they are the details that make the outfit complete. An outfit can be so simple, but with the right accessories can always look nice.

As seen on the photo on the beggining of the post, I am wearing this scarf and bag that I find casual and a great fit for this outfit. I love having some colors on me, I am never monotone, and even for the winter, I prefer colorful rather than monotone.

The bag is from Fahshionably Dead (fd) and it was in a round of Collabor88, and I think it looks great and fits with most outfits. The scarf was from The Seasons Story by S’n’S and it was available in various colors, and now is available at the mainstore of Snips and Nails.

The bag can be found @ Fashionably Dead Mainstore.

A scarf and a bag, and maybe some ring, can complete your outfit for the day, and you will still look stylish even though you are dressed casual.

I suggest to everyone to have in their SL closet at least one scarf because it’s a great addition to any outfit, and it just completes it beautifully

On the photo on the right, you can see some of the color tips I included that can go with this outfit. Weather its the sweater color, or the accessories color, these tones are warm and look wonderful when put together in any outfit. They are perfect for the season, and I hope a good guide if you want to try out a similar outfit.

Here are some new winter accessories available in some events:

Scarf by BBOS- (see photo here)

Ear Muffs (see photo here) – by Noodles, available december round of C88.

Satchel – Glow Studio (see photo here) @ TDR

Thank you for reading, I hope I didn’t make you tired 😛

Happy Shopping!

For any requests or comments, please contact me on the contact form here, or any of the social media I am on, which can be found on this page.



Uh – Oh !

My obsession with 50 Shades of Grey is really strange, and especially now the movie since I watched it… I know many people didn’t like it, I get it. But the passion that is present there to me is awesome, and maybe is the music also making the atmosphere and everything.. but seriously so much love there.. But anyways, it inspired yet another photo with the talented Blake, and I have made two versions of it , color and black and white. Loved working on this, hope you all love it too.  The tattoo is by Infected and it has already has most of the appliers, including those for the Maitreya body. I have been tempted to buy the body for some time, but this time I have decided definitely to get it! And finally to post with it, makes things so much easier, especially when im hurrying to get a photo ready! maked. b and white Check Blake’s details here

What I am wearing (nothing 😀 )

Tattoo:Infected – Soul Tattoo (Appliers)

Hair: +elua+ Hollis1&2_Black pack(TCF)

Rings: LUXE. Vio Rings Set 1 Gold @ Collabor 88

Nail Appliers: (NO) Art Nails – Opulence

I put a spell on you…

Hi Guys!

I had a very fun collaboration with the handsome blogger Blake, with who I have done two photos… I will post the first one now and have one more post coming up after this one. Blake is an awesome blogger, who specializes in fantasy costumes styling, as well as modern, as he is in the photo with me. His Flickr and blog are worth checking out!


Kustom9 and Collabor have very exciting themes this round that I really love, both of them so creative and the designers did their best to bring new spring items to us. Check out Kustom9 and Collabbor88 shopping guide if you want to decide what you want to get. Personally, i couldn’t resisting getting almost everything out of there, and hope I get the time soon enough to style a few more outfits.

I was sort of going for this night outfit , as simple as it looks opposed to my usual mix and matching, but this absolutely wonderful romper from Enfant Terrible, makes all the difference. It comes with a hud to change color of the straps and the skirt.

Hope this has given you some inspiration to style yourself and look fab with these new released items.


Details about my Blake’s outfit, check here.

Details about my outfit:

Romper:/. Enfant Terrible. / Romper Gold @ Kustom9

Heels: /CandyDoll / Grace Black @ Collabor88

Jacket:/ COCO /Jacke over shoulders- Black

Rings: LUXE. Vio Rings Set 1 Gold @ Kustom9

Bracelet: /LUXE. /  Vio Gold Bracelets @ Kustom9

Hair: / little bones. /Sapphire – Landslide

Shades:/ (Yummy) / Laura Palmer Shades – Black @ Collabor88

Nail Appliers: /(NO)/ Art Nails – Opulence



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